An eye for detail and a mind of an engineer.1

I’m Pedro Pinto, a front-end developer and designer from Portugal, with a love for scandinavian design and clean code.

I’ve been working for the web since 2009 and I love thoughtful designs as much as I do separation of concerns. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to stretch my design skills a lot, for instance by designing a couple of content management systems from scratch, which is very rewarding. Especially when I’m the one implementing my designs—it’s almost like seeing a child grow.

Even so, I spend most of my day looking at colored text, as some may say. I first fell in love with coding when I was using mIRC to talk with my friends and felt the need for some automated tasks. So I started looking into mIRC Scripting and eventually created a couple of bots to deal with my needs. It was like magic—I was giving a computer instructions to do a group of actions when a condition was met.

Currently, I can get excited with both an amazing logo that uses a lot of whitespace or coding cool little weekend projects without any kind of pressure.

I’m also an advocate for remote work and asynchronous communication, especially when it comes to tech jobs. This allows for better work–life balance by giving me the freedom I need to include the work hours in my personal daily life—which is the way it should be, and not the other way around.

On a more personal note, and besides all this design and development stuff, I’m also into good music. Here’s a public playlist of my favourite songs. And an all-time favourite drums video of the one and only Matt Garstka.

I’m also into photography, which I’ve been doing for a very long time. In the past I’ve shared some of my photos on Flickr, Instagram and even 500px. Nowadays I’m not sharing them anywhere, perhaps I’ll find a way of sharing them on this blog as well.

But I’m not always in front of a computer, and when I’m not, I like to cook for friends and family. Not only for the good food, which they seem to never get tired of, but also for getting to play with my kitchen knife. Remember kids: knives are safer when they’re sharp, because a dull knife requires way too much force for it to cut and it might bite a finger or two in the way.

Something else I like to play is table tennis, which I played at a local team for a couple of years. Still love it, but I’m only doing it for the fun of it nowadays.

My favourite season is autumn, both for the colors and the weather. That’s always a time for me to take some time off to really appreciate the outdoors. Anything above 25ºC and I would rather be indoors, away from the sun.

Recently, I also found that I like to write. For multiple reasons, but mainly because it helps me to clear my mind and it might also help/educate someone else by sharing my thoughts. If you’re into any of the topics I mentioned above, keep an eye out for future blog posts.

You may also find me throughout the interwebs on GitHub and Twitter.