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  1. Using a phone from 2017 in 2021

    The phone I’ve been using every single day for the past 45 months, which has also been my trusty companion across 5 different countries, is getting a retirement.

  2. The Git guide I wish I had

    When I started I didn’t even knew Git existed. But when I did, it didn’t feel like a very straight forward tool to learn.

  3. The penguin is not ready to go home yet

    I gave Linux a try, twice, and these are some thoughts on the experience and why I believe it's not quite yet ready for home users.

  4. Working from home will affect your productivity

    But is it for the better or worse? Well, it looks like it depends on who you're asking...

  5. Todoist and Twist gift cards giveaway

    Back from when I was at Doist, I got 2 boxes full of both Todoist and Twist gift cards. Now I'm giving them away.

  6. Just got tested for COVID-19

    A week ago, I started to feel some symptoms that you might have heard about as being connected to COVID-19, such as having a runny nose, coughing and some difficulty breathing especially during the night.

  7. Hello world!

    Ever since I started to work, I felt like there were little things I would like to share and ramble about. A few years later I even stumbled upon a Medium article that got me into a life-changing experience.

  8. 4 months of unemployment

    First of all, let’s picture this frame. Back when I was a student, I was fortunate enough to have found my first job at the very same college I was studying. I didn’t look for it, I just stumbled upon it.